Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Where do I sign up?
A. No sign up required! Simply download the plan above and join in on the reading.

Q. Can I read on my phone or tablet?
A. Absolutely! Download the YouVersion app, and click this link to join our group reading through the plan on YouVersion.

Q. What do I do if I’m starting late?
A. Start right up with today’s reading! You’ll have a chance to read what you missed on future catch-up days.

Q. What if I fall behind schedule?
A. Jump back in! Don’t let guilt or box-checking stop you from reading the Word. If you miss breakfast or lunch, you don’t eat those before eating dinner. Always start with today’s reading. The plan includes catch-up days because we understand real life!

Q. Why are there no readings on Sundays?
A. We hope you will be worshiping God together with your church family, where you will hear the Word both read and preached that day.

Q. Do I have to use a certain translation?
A. No – use whatever translation that you have available and understand. If you want recommendations, many of us use the NKJV or ESV translations.

Q. How long does the reading take?
A. Not as long as you think! To see what we mean, sit down with Ephesians and time yourself reading it straight through. In all likelihood it will take a lot less time than you think. If you’re still skeptical, time your TV, computer, and phone time for the day and compare the two numbers!

Q. What if reading the Bible feels like a chore?
A. Reading the Bible is a choice of love. Every time you choose to read your Bible you are choosing to take time out of your day and spend it with the person you love most – God.

Q. What if I’m afraid that I won’t keep up with the plan?
A. Reading the Bible is like cleaning your house. None of us have a perfectly clean house but all of us do some level of cleaning. We all have a concept of what would be ideal for our Bible reading and study, but we cannot let our “ideal” hinder us from forming a good habit of simple, regular reading.