Coronavirus Update – June 9, 2020

Brothers and Sisters,

I pray this letter finds you resting in the peace that God supplies. In light of our President’s Guidelines for Opening Up America Again and our Governor’s green phase plan—we will be resuming our corporate Lord’s Day Worship services beginning Sunday, June 14th at 10:00am. We have developed a plan for our worship gathering at this time that complies with the Pennsylvania Department of Health and CDC guidance for communities of faith.

Out of love for Christ and his church, and in submission to the leadership of Calvary Baptist Church, we are asking those who join us to please do your part in helping us carry out this plan. The following guidance must be followed in order for us to honor our authorities, to love our neighbors, and to gather safely at this time. Even if you are personally “over” social distancing and mask wearing, for the purposes of gathering to worship as a church family we ask that you set aside your preferences and rights for the sake of others. If you have any reservations about gathering—either because of age, health condition, or conscience—please do not feel obligated to join us for these gatherings.

We will continue to keep you all informed as to our plans for lessening social distancing measures and resuming our kid’s ministries.


  • This will be a full worship service as an entire church body including singing, prayer, Scripture reading, and preaching.
  • We encourage you to bring a pop-up awning or other shade provider if you have one to set up along the back row previous to the service. Metal chairs will be provided but lawn chairs and blankets are also welcome.
  • No children’s church or nursery is available at this time. Parents who are not used to having their children in the worship service will need to be prepared for this adjustment.

Congregants must practice social distancing.

  • Please stay at least six feet apart from others and perform non-contact greetings (even if you’re personally fine with close contact). So please, no handshakes or hugs.
  • Parents, be diligent to keep your children with you at all times in order to prevent unnecessary contact with others. Please help prepare them for this gathering.
  • As per state guidance, please wear a mask as you enter, exit, and move throughout the gathering, specifically as you meet with others. Once seated, you may remove your mask for the duration of the service. If you must get up and move around, please put your mask back on.

Restrooms will be available.

  • Families are encouraged to use restrooms at home, so as to avoid having to use facility restrooms.

What about bad weather?

  • In case of bad weather, we will move inside for simultaneous gatherings in the gym and auditorium, starting at 10:00am (our facility does not have a room large enough for all of us to gather while practicing social distancing).
  • If you regularly attend CBC, you should have received a list via email or mail with whether you will be in the gymnasium or auditorium. Please contact the church at if you did not receive it.
  • Staircases will be closed for use during these gatherings so you will need to enter on your respective floor.
  • Please be especially careful of social distancing and mask etiquette while indoors.

We are so excited to be able to gather as one body again!

Grace and Peace be with you,

Pastor Mark Cox