A Believer’s Boldness

Hebrews 4:14-16
In prior dispensations there has been a priesthood on earth that was the intercessor between God and His people. Hebrews 4:14-16 speaks of a new High Priest for the current dispensation.
In verse fourteen, Jesus is stated to be the “great high priest,” and “the Son of God.” No intercessor has there ever been nor will come that could hold the position more securely. Christ is our intercessor to God. He is also God’s very Son. Because of this we can be assured of His trustworthiness as a priest, and His effectiveness as an intercessor.
Verse fifteen emphasizes Christ’s humanity in contrast to His deity. Because Christ is man, he understands out struggles. He has felt our pain. He has carried our burdens. What better person could was ask for to plead our case before God than One Who truly understands the details of our difficulties.
Verse sixteen leads our minds to the natural conclusion that we must have based on the truth that we have a High Priest Who is both the Son of God and a man like us. That natural response is boldness. We should never doubt the effectiveness of Christ’s intercessory work, because He is God’s Son. Nor can we ever doubt His understanding, because He is man and has suffered like us. Boldness should be a defining characteristic as we seek grace from God to deal with the trials we all face.